The “I” factor..

Everyone, irrespective of your profession, your nation, your caste, your creed has a I factor which usually pokes its ugly head now and then. The I factor is your irritating factor. How soon you get irritated and what are the factors due to which this irritation occurs. We runners also have this I factor and it is very disturbing and uncomfortable when it happens. Imagine you going for a long run. You have found your rhythm and your pace and suddenly something happens which raises your blood pressure and angers you. This is every runners Irritating factor. So what are the things which irritate you as a runner when you are on a run.

1) Lace getting untied-. Oooooo. This is a disaster. You are running nicely and suddenly you notice your lace is in the middle of getting untied. You hope it hold itself till you finish your run. You try to concentrate on the road ahead but notice it has already come out. You try to ignore it further and then get images of tripping and injuring yourself and you imagine the worse. You stop and tie the lace and use the choicest of abuse. One of the things I have observed is that whenever I run in the rains, due to the wetness the lace gets untied very often. You also cannot tie the lace very tightly as it may hinder the blood circulation in the foot.

2) People asking for direction- This is another thing which you fail to understand. Of all the people the person behind the wheel see’s on road, why does he ask only you for direction. Why cant he ask any other person just walking on the road. Why does he have to stop me and ask for the direction. This is atrocious and you feel like hitting the guy for breaking your rhythm.

3) Traffic As a road runner you will always find traffic hindering your run if you are running on a busy street. It is fine if there is a discplined traffic. What is irritating is an odd man out on a two wheeler or a four wheeler, zig zags your path. This is when you miss a beat in your legs as well in your heart. The blood pressure really rises and you miss your running rhythm and pace. My route goes by a school. The road is choc a bloc with little children and their parents making way to the school. The site of small little children is very refreshing and it brings memories of your school days. You remember how you used to cry on the first day of the school. How it was heartening to see your parents leave your hand. Though the sight is pleasant, the vehicles coming to drop the children are not. The road gets very busy with all the vehicles and you have to zig zag through the vehicles to get to a clear way.

Apart from this there are other factors which irritate you like a sudden pain in the muscle or sudden bout of rains. These are all a part of being a road runner. Somehow when these things irritate the mind, and the subsequent rhythm in running pacifies the mingd, it reinforces your belief that running is a such a pure form of meditation. With time you realize you don’t get irritated and things like these are very minuscule to what you achieve by running.



  1. fiona · June 25, 2013

    Water fountains that don’t work!!! Drives me crazy every single time.

    • Runnerboy · July 19, 2013

      Ohh yeah..that’s true too.. just when you feel the thirst you find it not working..aarhhh

  2. dee · August 6, 2013

    how do u run in the mumbai rains. I discontinued wid my running due to rains. and m missing it like hell. how do u manage????

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