Solution to every problem….

For a long time man’s quest is to find solution to the numerous problems he has faced. He always wanted a quick fire solution to the problems he had. To begin with he had a tough time realizing that there is a problem, let alone find solution to it. He had been thinking it is not his problem and something like that can never happen to him. In the same way, I as an individual do face problem in day to day life. Sometimes silence is the solution to the problem and sometimes speaking is the solution to the problem. Over the last couple of years, I have found out a method through which not necessarily you will get a solution, but you will definitely make a headway towards the solution. And that my friends is “Going for a Run”.

It has been documented and also been spoken about that one of the best ways to come out of your problems, sorrows is running. I have a friend who started running after she broke up with her boyfriend. She was dull and was always sulked, when one day she just decided to go out of house and run. That day she came back as a different woman. Every meter she ran she left a memory of her past and did not pick it up. Today she has run many many marathons and also successfully completed South Africa’s famed Comrades Ultra Marathon.

Then there is a story of a woman who was a chain smoker until few years ago. She had tried to quit many times but in vain. Every fifth day she gave up and hit the butt. Then one fine day after quitting she went for a run and never had a reason to hold the cigarette butt again. Today she promotes smoke free life in the many marathon she runs. She also has a annual event of duathalon where she rides a bike and runs a half marathon and promotes non smoking life.

For me, I have found solace in running. Whenever I face a problem at work or at home, I make sure I go for a run. The run clears the clog of thoughts in my mind and from nowhere it gives me a thought or an idea how to get the bottom of the problem. I get a headway in getting the solution to the problem. It has happened many a times that there is a challenging work in the office and I am stuck somewhere. At this point I just think about the problem and somehow I get to a point where I start solving the problem. Also running helps you dissipate the negative energy in you. There are times when you are frustrated with things which are beyond your control. You feel like taking it on someone who’s close to you and are comfortable with. Like your friend, or your wife, or your children. But you don’t realise how much it would hurt them. Though you clear your mind and frustration. In this situation running is what comes to you help. You just go for a short 30 mins run and it would clear your clogged mind.


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