Sound sleep of a Sore runner….

I have often wondered many a times which and when is the most sound sleep I have experienced. This thought specially comes when I don’t get a sleep in some nights. When you have so many thoughts, that you dont know which one to really follow. When all you do is stare at the revolving fan on the ceiling, stare into the dark nights. You curse yourself for not working hard enough in the day to get quick sleep. You try to concentrate on one thing or thought and pray to the god that you get sleep as quickly as possible. And in spite of all these, you fail to get sleep.

I remember the most sound sleep I have ever got was after my first half marathon in 2011. I had completed the half marathon in 2:38 hrs and both my legs were aching. My groin was slightly injured and I had difficulty walking. The moment I reached home I put both my legs in hot water and let it cool down.After keeping my legs in the hot water for 30 minutes, I had a good meal and straightaway went to the bedroom. I made sure all the curtains were on and it was as dark as possible in the room. The time was around 1 pm. The moment I hit the bed I dozed off. After a sound sleep of around 4-5 hrs I woke up in the evening. For a moment after I opened my eyes I couldn’t remember where I was or whether it was sunrise or sunset. The sleep I got was an amazing one and it is something which I will not be able to forget for a life time. I woke up with all my muscles sore. The pain was really sweet. It was beautiful. It was as if my muscle were alive and kicking. I went to the front room, had a good cup of tea and decided to go down the building for a walk. It was one of the most beautiful evening. I came back had my dinner and again went back to sleep. This time around too the sleep i got was very sound and peaceful. It was something which I will remember for a long time.

Running has given me such and lot of new experience which I never imagined I would come across. It has helped me in discovering about myself which I thought never existed. It has helped me in making me mentally and physically strong. It has helped me in finding solution to problems which I thought would be very difficult to solve. It has helped me in realizing what my body is capable of. It is indeed a blessing in disguise. I am realising it all the more today because I quit smoking this day 4 years back and have never looked back. To dissipate my unused energy and time after I quit smoking helped me to discover the joy of running and in turn helped me in finishing my first full marathon of 42 kms which is magical in its own way.


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