A new journey to a new marathon season…

Come monsoon and the running season begins with new fervor, new excitement and new training with new targets. Everything seems new. After a slight layoff from running your first step of a new season reminds you of the first step you took as a runner years back. That’s the beauty of this sport. All your memories anxiety and excitement of past flashes before you. Soon you realize how much you need to improve it terms of distance and time and you feel yourself as a small speck in the whole wide universe.

This year I have registered for the biggest running event in India. The Mumbai Marathon. It will be held on 18th Jan 2015. In between there will be many half marathons which I will be running. Some would be purely for practice purpose and some would be for improving pace and timings. One of the best marathons to run in and around Mumbai is the Vasai Virar marathon. This is possibly the most difficult half marathon. It starts pretty late as it is on outskirts of Mumbai. So people might need some time to get there. The marathon starts at 700 am. The route is pretty simple route with not much inclinations. What makes it difficult is the extreme humid conditions one has to face. The route is close to sea which increases the humidity. Another marathon is the Goa Marathon which is held on the first Sunday of December every year. Then apart from these two there will be innumerable long runs over the weekends and many sessions at the Nike Run Club. There will also be many consultations with the coach on the running technique and what to eat and what to drink. Which foods to avoid and how much should be the level of hydrations and many things like that.

This time I am targeting finish time of under 5 hrs. For the last 2 time the full marathon I have run I was able to finish the marathon at 5:33 hrs and 5:37 hrs which I think is not a good time. Last time the good part was that I was able to run 23 kms non stop without any breaks. After 23 kms when I took my first break, that is where I lost the momentum. The breaks became very frequent and I wasnt able to sustain the speed. This time it will definitely be a different story. I plan to train hard and stick to the training plan. Need to ensure the distance is covered each day as given in the plan. The greatest struggle I am having now is the pace. The pace is always hovering between 7:00 and 7:30 mins/km. I need to bring this down to anywhere between 6:30 and 6:50. And once this is done then need to stabilize it at somewhere close to 6:30. This should give me a good comfortable finish in the 42 km full marathon of under 5 hrs. I am sure with proper discipline and approach and ofcourse hard work it can be achieved.


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