Never leave running …

This year was a year when there were lot of changes in the personal life. A new job and a kid in the same year took a lot of time. It takes quite a lot of stress to get into the new job especially when you report to the top guy in the company. Then there was a situation which took a lot of time, energy and money related to the medical condition. This led to 2014 being a not so exciting year for me in running. Ignoring all that there was one things which I ensured. That I would run whenever I would find time and if I don’t find, I would dig out some time. In addition to running I also ensured that I would do strength training at least twice a week. Today though I am very weak in terms of running mileage, I know I am strong physically and it would not take me much time to get back to running. Tomorrow I am going to attempt a 15 km run which would increase my confidence to attempt the full marathon which I will be running on the 19th Jan.At the time when I registered I had set a target of 4:3 Hrs to finish, but practically speaking at this time now it looks unlikely. But I am not going to compromise on the finish. I have to finish is my primary concern.


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