10-20-30-40-50-60 at Nike Run Club

10-20-30-40-50-60 at Nike Run club.

One of the most intense and difficult workout was done today at the Nike Run Club. This was totally unexpected. I knew that coach focusses more on the strength build up during this period which is typically after the Mumbai marathon and the rainy season. But this was a very intense and energy sapping series of exercise. The day usually started at 630 am with stretches and running ABC’s. These are the exercises which are done for improving the Gait and the form while running.
10- In this the 10 stands for 10 pushups to start with. The pushups needs to be military push ups or baby pushups if someone is doing it for the first time. People with problems in shoulder joint can do the baby pushups or ladies who are doing the pushups for the first time.Pushup
20- Next in the sequence is mountain climber. This is an extremely important exercise for improving the core stability while running. This needs to be done under coach’s supervision in the start as there is a possibility that it will be done incorrectly. The incorrect posture while doing this could lead to issues in the back or in the groin.mountainclimber
30- The 30 number next in the series are the squats. Squats are one of the most simple but very effective exercises for the legs. It targets hamstring, buttocks and overall posture. Like my coach says, if you want to have buttocks like J Lo you need to do this exercise. This is a major boost for ladies to exercise. sqauts
40- The 40 in the series are for jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are the warm up exercises which also contribute a lot to the flexibility of body. It also helps develop coordination between legs and hands. Jumping jacks
50- Next in the series of the workout is high knee. Ideally on a forward moving path, you bring your knees to your waist size and move forward. This is repeated 50 times. This is an extremely important drill. It is also part of ABC of running. This will help you in those last 7-8 kms when your body just gives away.highknee
60- Lastly the exercise is a 60 sec plank position. By this time you are extremely exhausted after performing the exercises. Plank will help you build your core strength. It will help you give a balance to your body. The last 4-5 kms are the ones when you stoop in your position. This particular exercise will help you in avoiding that. You have to ensure that your body is in parallel to the ground. One of the very important aspect of this exercise is that after you finish this exercise, do not put your waist down. Instead bring your waist up and rest on your knees and hands. This will ensure that there is not unwanted pressure on the waist and also help minimise the injury.plank
This routine of exercise has to be done twice one after the other. In a week you can do this 2 times. This will definitely help in giving a better physique and overall structure to your running form.


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