It is said that your passion will never leave your tail. Wherever you are, whatever you become you will always find time to follow your passion. Whether it is a sport or a hobby it will always occupy a part of your mind, how much ever busy you are. This is a beauty of your passion. The same passion keeps you moving ahead, keeps you on the edge of your life, gives you a hope for living and as goes the saying. Hope is a good thing and good thing never dies. It’s been two year since I have kept my passion of writing and running on the backburner. Primarily due to birth of my lovely son and change in the job. But as both the things have stabilized, the itch in me to start running and writing has got more stronger. And in the last month I have made conscious efforts to don my running shoes and go for run. The first run after a long time, took me back by almost 6 years when I had started running. I could run only 800 meters and it was not at all disappointing. What was extremely satisfying was that, I went out of the house and just ran. The distance did not matter, the time did not matter. All that mattered was that there was sweat dripping down my body and a certain indescribable feeling was taking over me. The ecstasy which you feel after finishing the distance, the unbearable sweet pain which is running through the legs is all worth it.


In the last 30 days or the maximum distance I have managed to cover is around 2 kms. But at the end of the 2 kms, it gave me tremendous satisfaction. It reminded me of the time when I used to struggle to cover even 2-3 kms. That was the time when it was extremely frustrating. That was the time when I was in awe of so many fellow runners who used to cover huge distances from 10 kms to 50 kms. But today for me even that distance of 2 kms is a glory since I know there is a restart and greater distance are in store.


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