Nike Pegasus 30- Final review post.

Its been a good 2-3 months since I have been using the Nike Pegasus 30 as my primary running shoes. I have run around 250 kms in these running shoes and I am very pleased to say that three has been no issues with the shoes. The size of my feet are different for both the foot. My right foot is US 8 size and my left foot is US 8.5 size. I always have this confusion when I buy any shoe whether it is formal shoe, chappals, sports shoe or even slippers as every brand has a slight different way of fixing size for the shoe. I always have to read review, ask people try them out before deciding which ones to buy. I wasn’t sure which ones to get as my previous shoe were Asics. Should i go for size 9 or size 8. I finally decided to go for size 8. The shoe fits perfectly on my feet. Infact at the first look it may seem to be too tight with not much space at the front. But it turns out it is not really a problem. I have had 2-3 long runs of more than 20 KM and my worry was that I will get black toe nails. But till now there has been no problem. Aesthetically this shoe is a nice looking shoe, grey in colour with a white Nike Swoosh. It looks good on feet with any shorts and T shirt color. The Nike pegasus 30 has got a mesh at both the sides of the shoe which gives good breath-ability to the feet. The lace of the shoe is well designed and has the round form. I haven’t had a problem with laces coming off during any of my runs. I will have to see how it reacts during my runs during the rains. The Asics which I had before had this very irritating problem where the lace was coming off frequently during one of the marathon where it rained. This shoe is a toe strike shoe. So if you are traditionally a heel striker like I was you may initially find some trouble adjusting to it. For me it was a matter of 30-40 kms before the shoe became my friend. The Cushlon technology which this shoe endorses is really effective. I have had no issue with my Gait. The earlier shoe gave me ITBS. I was very sceptical to use this shoe for my regular runs. But after running in them till now I have had no trouble with it. The real test of the shoe will be when I will be running the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on 19th Jan 2014. It would be interesting to see how this shoe will react to the distance of 42.2 Kms. This review is a personal review and should not be taken as generic review for Nike Pegasus 30. Every person has different set of feet, so one should buy the shoes which will “feet” them perfectly. Just a disclaimer.