It’s time to bid adieu…to my Asics GEL 1150

Its always an emotional moment for me when I say goodbye to people in my life. A vacuum is created and memories of the time spent together refuses to vanish. With time, people have been added with places, things, moments and much more. But there’s always a reason and most of the times its a good reason for goodbye. How can you cherish the moments you spend together if you don’t bid goodbye, or how will you look forward to your next meeting if you don’t bid goodbye.

This time its a very dear thing to which I have bid adieu. Its my running shoes with who I had a great relation for the past 2 years. I got my current shows Asics Gel 1150 in February 2011, just a month after I ran my first half marathon. This was the time when I had first heard of Asics. I was running in Nike or Adidas till then. I had heard it as a company which makes shoes for running. I had a good search on its website, read the reviews and really liked what I read and heard. Now the real problem was that Asics did not have their own store in Mumbai. They had collaborated with Reliance Footwear and there werent many stores in Mumbai. There was a store in Thane. I had also resgistered for the Thane Marathon which was in the last week of February. And my old shoes which were had almost worn out. So I had to be really quick in getting the new shoes. Just 2 weeks before the marathon I got my new shoes. A beautiful pair of Asics GEL 1150.

The Asics Gel 1150 fit really well into my foot. It was well cushioned. It looked like trainer and behaved like one. It gave me a very good bounce back. When my feet hit the ground it did not give me a jerk back. Overall I was happy with the shoes. Now its been more than 2 years since I have been running in that shoes. I must have done around 2000 km in those shoes. To be very frank I could have used the shoes for around 500 km more had it not been torn on the top. I dont believe in theory that you should retire your shoes after 600 miles or so. I think you should run in the shoes to which your feet is used to for as much as you can. Till the time the sole or there is any physical damage done to the shoes. In the pic below you can see how the top surface and side surface is torn.

Arnabi_Bday 058

Arnabi_Bday 056

The Asics GEL 1150 had been phenomenal shoes. I remember I had participated in Satara half marathon October last year. It was a hill Marathon. The first 10.5 km route was a complete hilly terrain. As luck would have had it, it started raining very heavily and I was soaked in water from head to toe. At that moment I was worried as my shoe was completely soaked. I was worried that I would lose the inner grip as well as outer grip on the route. The inner grip was not as big a worry as was the outer grip, as while coming back it was complete downhill. But to my surprise there was not a single moment of slippage in that half marathon and I actually ended up clocking my personal best of 2:32 hrs for the half marathon. As you can see in the pic below how it was raining and also the gradient.488084_3787746978520_803424429_n

My runs can be seen in the link which I use for recording my runs. All my runs in the link were done in Asics GEL 1150. In all I have run 6 half marathons and a full marathon in these shoes. Addition to this there were also two long runs of 22 and 30 km in preparation for the full marthon.

Now the next question is which is the next pair of shoes I want to buy. Will it be a Asics, Nike , Adidas or any other brand. At this point I am not sure. I had done gait analysis last year and my gait is prone to underpronation. My right foot is more under pronated and the left one is less underpronated.I will be writing on the pronation in my next blog. I am considering various options for my next shoes. There are a few factors which I had to consider. They are durability, value for money, pronation and all. I will be visiting the Nike showroom today at Powai and would be trying out few shoes and see how they feel.