Product Review – Nike Pegasus 30

So Nike finally sent me a brand new Nike Pegasus 30. Their new Shoe in the Pegasus series which also marks the 30 years since they launched the shoe.

Few days back I got an email from my coach on listing the people who have got Underpronation to Neutral gait. I had done my gait analysis some time back and my right foot underpronates while running and left foot slightly underpronates. I replied with affirmative and got a link to fill in my foot detail. Few days later I got a call from one of the Nike personnel and he literally interviewed on my running experience, style, future marathons and all. And then he said he would be sending me a pair of their new shoes to review and give them their feedback.

Two weeks later I got the shoe. The orange Nike box was packed nicely in a bubble wrap. I opened the bubble wrap with excitement and was happy to see a Nike Pegasus shoe, grey in color. The box also contained a customised message from Nike with my name on 3 (1)

photo 1 (1)

The first thing I noticed when I took the shoe in my hand was the lightness of the shoes. It was very light. The running shoe has to be lightweight for the runner to extract the maximum efficiency from the runner. The weight of the shoe is 280 gms which is excellent considering the sturdy sold and cushion it provides. It was really light. The Nike Swoosh was pure white in color.

The next thing I noticed is the Cushlon technology which it has. Now this is where the real purpose of the shoe comes in. This shoe is designed for people who underpronate. Though even people with neutral gait can use them. Since the foot turns inwards and usually it is found in people with high arch, the cushlon technology providing cushion seems to be pitched right where the arch needs support. So this looked 3 (2)

The lace were made from synthetic material. They were strong. They seemed like they would not untie even when the shoe is wet by running in the rains. This is a presumption and I guess too early to comment. My last shoe were Asics and in one of the hill marathons it rained quite heavily and I had to stop to tie the shoe lace for atleast 6 times. It was one of the most irritating thing I had to do. It really went to my nerves. The lace in this shoe looked good and the quality is good 2 (1)

photo 5

photo 1 (1)

I wore the shoe for the first time on a pair of thick socks. The feet went in well. The front of the right foot was feeling slight tightness. Considering my right foot size is slightly larger than my left foot, this is a problem which I always face whenver I get a new pair of shoe or a sandal, chappal. I went to the ground and went for a 1 km walk. Now while walking the cushion tech was doing a great job. I was actually getting a push through my heal to my legs.

The next day I went for a 2 km walk and 2 km run. The first few 100 meters felt slightly strange but after that it was quite smooth. The shoe was holding nicely on to the road and also to my feet. Today after doing stretching I went for a 3 km run.

Though it is quite early to give a verdict on the shoe. I can give a fair judgement only after I go for a few long runs spanning more than 15 kms. Till now it looks quite good and it is syncing well with my feet. The break in to the new shoes will have to done gradually and methodically. The long runs can only be done on this new shoes after 3 weeks. Thats when the real potential of this shoe will come out. I will be updating this review often at regular intervals. Till then happy feet…


After a while

Its been 10 days since I started this blog and had promised myself that I would be updating this on more frequently. I should have made this promise to some one else I guess. Had a blast at Capgemini’s Annual fest yesterday. Overloaded myself with food and calories and evreything what a runner should not intake. But the food was just irresistable. Last week was good in terms of running. The weather had been pleasant for the later part of the week. I am now able to complete 5.5 km without stopping in around 33 mins average. There were two long runs I did on sunday before last and before that of 11 Km in about 1 hr 6 mins. It was quite an achievement for me because thats the longest I had run without taking a break or any energy drink. Running has become a way of life for me. Its the second best thing to have happened to me. The first being quitting smoking. Now i realise how much time, energy, money I had spend on smoking and above that how many years I had wasted by not running and taking up smoking. Something which has not added any sort of value to my being. I missed NRC yesterday since I had to accompany Vrushali for her interview. I will be doing some stretching and core strengthening tommorow to make up for my loss yest.


After a short test post on this new blog I have started and convinced that it is getting posted to my new blog I am updating it with this. I also remember the time when I had come to the end of 1000 word blog and something went Kaput with my system and whole write up just vanished before me. It was one of most frustrating moment in my writing career ;). Well this is a new blog I have started and this focusses mainly on my experiences in running. The agony my mind and body goes through running everyweek and how I overcome it.

Well to start with I have run 3 half marathons in the past 1 year and plan to run my first full marathon this year or Mumbai Marathon 2013. So I am going to come back and a fill this blog with lot of writings.

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