Solution to every problem….

For a long time man’s quest is to find solution to the numerous problems he has faced. He always wanted a quick fire solution to the problems he had. To begin with he had a tough time realizing that there is a problem, let alone find solution to it. He had been thinking it is not his problem and something like that can never happen to him. In the same way, I as an individual do face problem in day to day life. Sometimes silence is the solution to the problem and sometimes speaking is the solution to the problem. Over the last couple of years, I have found out a method through which not necessarily you will get a solution, but you will definitely make a headway towards the solution. And that my friends is “Going for a Run”.

It has been documented and also been spoken about that one of the best ways to come out of your problems, sorrows is running. I have a friend who started running after she broke up with her boyfriend. She was dull and was always sulked, when one day she just decided to go out of house and run. That day she came back as a different woman. Every meter she ran she left a memory of her past and did not pick it up. Today she has run many many marathons and also successfully completed South Africa’s famed Comrades Ultra Marathon.

Then there is a story of a woman who was a chain smoker until few years ago. She had tried to quit many times but in vain. Every fifth day she gave up and hit the butt. Then one fine day after quitting she went for a run and never had a reason to hold the cigarette butt again. Today she promotes smoke free life in the many marathon she runs. She also has a annual event of duathalon where she rides a bike and runs a half marathon and promotes non smoking life.

For me, I have found solace in running. Whenever I face a problem at work or at home, I make sure I go for a run. The run clears the clog of thoughts in my mind and from nowhere it gives me a thought or an idea how to get the bottom of the problem. I get a headway in getting the solution to the problem. It has happened many a times that there is a challenging work in the office and I am stuck somewhere. At this point I just think about the problem and somehow I get to a point where I start solving the problem. Also running helps you dissipate the negative energy in you. There are times when you are frustrated with things which are beyond your control. You feel like taking it on someone who’s close to you and are comfortable with. Like your friend, or your wife, or your children. But you don’t realise how much it would hurt them. Though you clear your mind and frustration. In this situation running is what comes to you help. You just go for a short 30 mins run and it would clear your clogged mind.


Product Review – Nike Pegasus 30

So Nike finally sent me a brand new Nike Pegasus 30. Their new Shoe in the Pegasus series which also marks the 30 years since they launched the shoe.

Few days back I got an email from my coach on listing the people who have got Underpronation to Neutral gait. I had done my gait analysis some time back and my right foot underpronates while running and left foot slightly underpronates. I replied with affirmative and got a link to fill in my foot detail. Few days later I got a call from one of the Nike personnel and he literally interviewed on my running experience, style, future marathons and all. And then he said he would be sending me a pair of their new shoes to review and give them their feedback.

Two weeks later I got the shoe. The orange Nike box was packed nicely in a bubble wrap. I opened the bubble wrap with excitement and was happy to see a Nike Pegasus shoe, grey in color. The box also contained a customised message from Nike with my name on 3 (1)

photo 1 (1)

The first thing I noticed when I took the shoe in my hand was the lightness of the shoes. It was very light. The running shoe has to be lightweight for the runner to extract the maximum efficiency from the runner. The weight of the shoe is 280 gms which is excellent considering the sturdy sold and cushion it provides. It was really light. The Nike Swoosh was pure white in color.

The next thing I noticed is the Cushlon technology which it has. Now this is where the real purpose of the shoe comes in. This shoe is designed for people who underpronate. Though even people with neutral gait can use them. Since the foot turns inwards and usually it is found in people with high arch, the cushlon technology providing cushion seems to be pitched right where the arch needs support. So this looked 3 (2)

The lace were made from synthetic material. They were strong. They seemed like they would not untie even when the shoe is wet by running in the rains. This is a presumption and I guess too early to comment. My last shoe were Asics and in one of the hill marathons it rained quite heavily and I had to stop to tie the shoe lace for atleast 6 times. It was one of the most irritating thing I had to do. It really went to my nerves. The lace in this shoe looked good and the quality is good 2 (1)

photo 5

photo 1 (1)

I wore the shoe for the first time on a pair of thick socks. The feet went in well. The front of the right foot was feeling slight tightness. Considering my right foot size is slightly larger than my left foot, this is a problem which I always face whenver I get a new pair of shoe or a sandal, chappal. I went to the ground and went for a 1 km walk. Now while walking the cushion tech was doing a great job. I was actually getting a push through my heal to my legs.

The next day I went for a 2 km walk and 2 km run. The first few 100 meters felt slightly strange but after that it was quite smooth. The shoe was holding nicely on to the road and also to my feet. Today after doing stretching I went for a 3 km run.

Though it is quite early to give a verdict on the shoe. I can give a fair judgement only after I go for a few long runs spanning more than 15 kms. Till now it looks quite good and it is syncing well with my feet. The break in to the new shoes will have to done gradually and methodically. The long runs can only be done on this new shoes after 3 weeks. Thats when the real potential of this shoe will come out. I will be updating this review often at regular intervals. Till then happy feet…

The First Step….

I have always feel slight nervous when I take a first step towards achieving a goal or a target. The start is always shaky. But as I move forward and start achieving micro goal in order to achieve that macro goal, the nervousness starts going down. I guess this is a universal problem with human race. As you start moving ahead, you start getting used to things. The tasks which you thought were tough start getting easier. Its like playing video games. The first level seems so tough when you start playing the game, but with time you keep on passing the levels and then it become simpler.

I today took my first step towards running my second full marathon in as many years. I registered for SCMM 2014- Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014. Last year when I ran the full marathon, it took me 5 hrs 29 mins to finish the 42.2 Kms. This time I am targeting 4:30 hrs. Last time it was to finish the distance and not concentrate on the timings. This time I will be concentrating on the timing too. The target is slightly steep considering that I will be polishing off an hour from my previous timing. The tough part starts now. I have got exactly 6 months to go before I run the full. I need to sync with my coach. I also need to get a new shoe as I have been running in my current shoe for more than 2 years now. The last show which I was using was Asics 1150. It is a good show. It is good except that the cloth over the front got torn. So that’s my immediate task. Once I get a the training schedule from the coach, I need to diligently follow it. Last time there were many runs which I missed. So this time I need to be more cautious.

There was a big buzz around the runners community before the start of the registration process. Some wrote dos and dont’s for registration, some provided the link from where you can get your race documents. Some wrote their experience in registration process. Some were frustrated at the links not opening. Some were outright funny saying that, the hard part is done and now comes the easy part of training. LOL. Overall it was fun with with the kind of buzz it generated.

For me registration was quite smooth. Just to check the link, I logged in 15 mins before the scheduled start of registration and surprisingly the link was working. I filled in all the information and at exactly 10:00 am which was the scheduled time, I clicked on the payment link and went ahead with payment. I purposely waited for 10:00 am as I wanted to be sure that I paid after the stipulated time. This was more to avoid any complications later. Once I received the email and SMS saying that my account has been debited I heaved a sigh of relief. One of the reasons I wanted to do this as early as possible as SCMM has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years and i was slightly scared that the seats might get full early and I would miss the chance to participate in the event. If anyone wants to look at the event and want to register, the link is

The “I” factor..

Everyone, irrespective of your profession, your nation, your caste, your creed has a I factor which usually pokes its ugly head now and then. The I factor is your irritating factor. How soon you get irritated and what are the factors due to which this irritation occurs. We runners also have this I factor and it is very disturbing and uncomfortable when it happens. Imagine you going for a long run. You have found your rhythm and your pace and suddenly something happens which raises your blood pressure and angers you. This is every runners Irritating factor. So what are the things which irritate you as a runner when you are on a run.

1) Lace getting untied-. Oooooo. This is a disaster. You are running nicely and suddenly you notice your lace is in the middle of getting untied. You hope it hold itself till you finish your run. You try to concentrate on the road ahead but notice it has already come out. You try to ignore it further and then get images of tripping and injuring yourself and you imagine the worse. You stop and tie the lace and use the choicest of abuse. One of the things I have observed is that whenever I run in the rains, due to the wetness the lace gets untied very often. You also cannot tie the lace very tightly as it may hinder the blood circulation in the foot.

2) People asking for direction- This is another thing which you fail to understand. Of all the people the person behind the wheel see’s on road, why does he ask only you for direction. Why cant he ask any other person just walking on the road. Why does he have to stop me and ask for the direction. This is atrocious and you feel like hitting the guy for breaking your rhythm.

3) Traffic As a road runner you will always find traffic hindering your run if you are running on a busy street. It is fine if there is a discplined traffic. What is irritating is an odd man out on a two wheeler or a four wheeler, zig zags your path. This is when you miss a beat in your legs as well in your heart. The blood pressure really rises and you miss your running rhythm and pace. My route goes by a school. The road is choc a bloc with little children and their parents making way to the school. The site of small little children is very refreshing and it brings memories of your school days. You remember how you used to cry on the first day of the school. How it was heartening to see your parents leave your hand. Though the sight is pleasant, the vehicles coming to drop the children are not. The road gets very busy with all the vehicles and you have to zig zag through the vehicles to get to a clear way.

Apart from this there are other factors which irritate you like a sudden pain in the muscle or sudden bout of rains. These are all a part of being a road runner. Somehow when these things irritate the mind, and the subsequent rhythm in running pacifies the mingd, it reinforces your belief that running is a such a pure form of meditation. With time you realize you don’t get irritated and things like these are very minuscule to what you achieve by running.

Important-Dos and Dont’s a week before your Half/Full Marathon

Running a marathon and aspiring to finish is always a big deal for any recreational runner. The months of gruelling training, waking very early in the morning, running those moutainous distance have to stop and you wait for the “R” day with bated breath. There are some things you have to take care of.

Around a week before the marathon:

1) This is the week when you are going to do the least of your training. Your training has almost finished-Make sure you give your body enough rest to reserve the energy for the big run. Keep your mind free from any negative thoughts. Visualise yourself at the start line and then at the finish line with hand and head held high.

2) Carb loading: Consciously eat more Carbs which should include Brown rice, pasta, wheat and protiens. Avoid deep fried foods. Make sure you eat lot of fruits like banana, orange. Also keep yourself well hydrated. Drink atleast 3-4 lts of water per day.

3) Prepare what you are going to wear on the race day. Do not leave this for the day before the race. Shoes, socks, sunglasses, T shirt, cap etc. Make sure you tie the timing chip to the shoes well before the race. Don’t keep anything for the last moment/

4) Make sure you have the same breakfast which you are going to have on race day, afew days before. Be very objective on what you are going to eat for breakfast. Breakfast will be the only meal you will be having before the race. If possible have the breakfast at the same time. 2 days before the race go for a 3-4 km easy jog.

5) Sleep enough- Sleep enough from 3 days prior to race day. Average duration of sleep should be 7-730 hrs/ Stay off your feet as much as you can. Avoid going to places like mall because you end up walking lot without realising it.

6) Refrain from thinking about life’s worries and problems. Keep your mind refreshed and think about how good you are going to feel after completing the race. If you want draft an update to be posted on social networking sites. Feel good about yourself and think that you are going to enjoy the journey to run the marathon on the race day.

7) Sleep early on Saturday if the race is on Sunday. In case you are unable to sleep on Saturday due to anxiet, excitement and find it difficult to get sleep, don’t worry. Sleeping on a day before is not that important. Make sure you had slept well on the Friday and Thursday.

Following the above steps wont give you such a great race that will help you to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but it will give you the much required confidence which will help you in the long run. Most of the things are basic, but it is very important to follow them. Remember that on that day you are going to thump your foot thousands of times on a hard concrete road. And if you follow a training regime and some precautions before the race, it can damage your leg parts.

Curious case of Nipple Bleeding..

There are some things in life which you never expect would happen to you. There are few things which you are extremely passionate about and suddenly it springs a surprise. It could be a good surprise as well as a bad one. But whichever it is, it teaches you something. If its painful then you have found a way to make sure it doesnt recur and if its a pleasant one then you know the ways to how to get that surprise again and again.

I had somewhere heard about this problem or read about this situation. I had a faint idea about it. It seems someone had mentioned it in a casual conversation, or I had read it on some website. Yesterday when I finished my run and came back home, my nipples started itching. I ignored them citing the fact that they could be because of sweating and would be better once i take a shower. I went and took a nice warm shower and still they were itching. The itching was now making way to slight pain on the tip of the nipples. And then it occurred me that my shirt would have caused abrasion to them and that could be the reason they are itching and aching. I had been using the T shirt for quite a long time, but never every this problem occurred to me. I had ran much more than what I am currently running and still there was no problem. I went back a few days and it occurred to me that I had run in the rain this Sunday. My other T shirt was wet, not with sweat but with water. Now when you are sweating the sweat does not make your T Shirt stick to your skin. There is a slight air cushion between your T shirt and skin. This is what keeps the abrasion on your nipple away. The rains had caused the T Shirt stick to the Skin and that is what had caused the abrasion leading to pain.

Case of nipple bleeding

Having found out the reason and the cause of it, I went on to the net and did some research on it. It was horrifying to find the extent to which people have had this problem in their runs. People had blood oozing out of their nipples which had turned their T’s to blood red. People gave horrifying examples and some even had to give up running for a few days. Runners had posted pics of this problems, which really left me terrified. This was something which I had totally unexpected. It came as a big surprise to me that running could cause me discomfort at this level. As a runner I decided to face the situation rather than “running” from it.

One important thing I realized was that there was no need to be embarrassed about it. There was no need to feel bad about it because all these are side effects of a good running pair of feet. Women do not face this problem as they wear sports bra which save them from this problem.

The Solution:

Use Vaseline: One of the best ways to avoid nipple bleeding is to apply Vaseline on the nipples. Make sure you apply generous amount of vaseline on them. This would make sure there is very less friction between your skin and cloth. If you are going on long runs of more than 15 kms make sure you carry Vaseline with you and apply them on your nipples in your walk breaks or water breaks.

Do not wear cotton Shirts: When you are running longer distance, make sure the Shirt which you are wearing is not cotton. Cotton acts as a catalyst to chaffing. Always use light, synthetic, dri fit material for running. Cotton Shirts also tend to get heavier if you sweat a lot. It is very unlikely that sweat will escape from cotton shirts.

DOC DOC: Do show it to the Doctor if you feel it is not going away and after each run the problem is increasing. Please do not feel embarrassed about it. It is a very silly thing to jeopardize your training and runs. Doctor will mostly prescribe you an ointment or in serious case some tablets.

Use Tape: You can also use tape if you are not too hairy. There are various types of tapes available, but most comfortable are the medical tapes. If you are hairy, then avoid the tape as they would cause more pain than nipple chaffing when you taken them out.

This is a problem which every male runner will face in their lifetime. It is avoidable and completely controllable. You will never even realize that you may face this problem until you come across it. Take it in your own stride the way you take all problems like a true runner and you will triumph over it.

Listen with your legs..Part 2

This is the second and last part of the article titled “Listen to your legs”.

The earlier part of the article put emphasis on why running and listening to music should not be done together. More specifically it was from my personal experience how I used to listen to music and later I realised the benefits of running without listening to music. From my interactions I found that many runners are not willing to take it as a challenge to run without music. They feel they wont be able to perform or run without music as well as when they run with music. But this is just a mental barrier. It just takes a little bit of courage to put your ipod down and go out of the house just with your shoes on.

The next thing which comes to my mind is if not without music, how do we keep the mind engage. The mind cannot be kept empty. The river of thoughts will come and go. They need a solid bank which will help them in revitalizing the body. When I run there are many many thoughts which come to my mind. Some of the thoughts vanish in a second, some thoughts are more situational like a vision of some one or a sight of nature. But as you move ahead they disappear and are replaced by the sight of new things. What you think in the later part of the run is extremely important. The quality of the thoughts will ensure your body responds in a positive way or negative way. It becomes extremely important when you feel your body is not responding in a positive way. So what do you do in case you feel your body may hit the wall:

What to do in office? This is one of my favorite part of the run. usually when I run in the morning and I am into 2 to 3 kms, i start planning my day at work. I start with what I am going to do in the way. What would be my challenges. How am I going to deal with them. Then I think about how I am going to deal with people specially when there is a unfavorable situation involved. What I am going to say so that there is a win win situation for all. This is one of the my favorite chain of thoughts during the run. This is the time when I am not much tired and have got of energy left to complete the run.

Office Gossip: This is again the fun part of running. You recall whats the latest grapevine in office. How the promotions are going to be for the year. How much rise everyone is expecting and how much everyone finally gets. You think about the food of the canteen and how much ever you complain to the canteen guy he is not going to change the quality of food. This is the time when you are into your mid run, that is you are nearing half the distance and are slightly tired. In this period I also think of where would be my next marathon and how I am going to train for it. A significant thought process involves here is of how am I going to react after I finish my marathon. I also try to visualise my reactions and what I need to do in case I get tired, I try to visualise what I am going to say to myself and how I am going motivate myself to keep on going.

Tables: Now this is my favorite part of the run when I am feeling like I will hit the wall. I start reciting tables of very tough odd numbers. Say I start with table of 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 etc. I dont just stop till 10, I go on till maybe 20 or 25. This practice has really helped me in taking my mind off the pain in the legs or taking my mind off the tiredness I am feeling. Apart from this this has really helped me in bettering my math skills. 🙂

It is very important for the runner to make sure he keeps his mind of the tiredness and lethargy during the run. When you think of positive things, your body reacts positively to it. When you think of negative things, the body reacts negatively and you tend to get tired at a faster rate. Its a good practice to think about your achievements, about your dreams, about the time in your life when you felt good, about the time in your life you selflessly did a noble deed. This will bring a big smile to your face and you will finish your run with your head held high.

Listen with your legs…Part 1

happy with the run

happy with the run

I am one of the runner who does not listen to music while on a run. I prefer listening to the various sounds of mother nature. The chirping of birds, winds flowing through the leaves, occsaional bark of the dog, men talking about world politics, women discussing their in laws and many more things. While running the anticipation of what sound I may encounter is an exciting thing. Earlier I used to listen to music on my I pod, but later I grew out of that habit. Then I decided I am going to run with all my five senses in tandem with each other. One of the major disadvantage of listening to music while running is that you dont listen to what you body is saying to you. It is very important to speak to your body when you are undergoing such physical stress. Under the hood of music you may be damaging your body. This is what I felt when I was running and listening to music together.

Many times I was running more than I had planned. More than what I had trained for. Now this maybe a good thing but it also worried me. Was I running more than what I deserve to run? It was like going into trance and not realising the pain you body might give you. but I asked my self, do I want to go into trance by listening to music. The answer which I got within myself was a big “NO”. I wanted that kind of high only by running and not by listening to music while running. Then when I reached home after I ran with music on, I used to get aches in the muscular area of legs. Specially in calfs. I realised that as a recreational runner I should be more careful about how much I run and at what speed I should run. No point in flowing with the excitement and later taking a break from running due to injury.

When i was running with music on, my sense of hearing was getting occupied with the music. I did not realise how far I had run or the pain in my legs was getting noticed by my brain after a lag. I somehow was getting the running high much earlier than I used to get. Runner’s high is a point at which you feel superelevated and is usually on cloud number 9. Its a point of getting extreme satisfaction on the extreme physical duress you underwent. The quicker it occurred the earlier you are feel satisfied. And this is something I wanted to avoid. I wanted to be satisfied because I am running and not because I was listening to my favorite music. After all these experience I decided to listen to the nature and more importantly to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

Initially after I quit music, my mind was confused. It was listening to the sounds to which it was not used to. This was only while running. but i continued with it. The first sound which I realised was the sound of my breath. And let me tell you, it was the sweetest sound I had listened to. There was absolute purity in it. It was completely unadulterated music. The rhythmic inflow and outflow of air through my legs coordinating with the steps I was taking made running all the more beautiful. It was completely ecstatic. There are somethings in life which you have to take granted, because it becomes such an integral part of your system that you dont realise it lives with you and that is breathing. But the moment you notice its existence, it gives you a high. The next thing I realised was that the sound of my each footstep. I am not a lean creature nor do I run on air. This sound made me realise that I am a heel striker. and I intentionally was trying to avoid heel strike. Sometimes it is easier to avoid heel strike but most of the times when you have run a substantial distance, you cannot avoid it. Overall it was a good break from listening to music and running. There are many other factors and reasons on why I stopped listening to music while running which I will be writing it in the second part of the article.

Agony of missing training…

Picture this. The alarm for 5:30 am goes off, you wake up and shut it off. You wake one hour later to find it is way past the time you should have left your house for reaching the venue of Nike Run Club. You feel like tearing your hair apart. All the excitement you had the previous night to do a new speed workout goes down in the flush. You curse yourself for being lethargic and decide to go for a run.This is exactly what happened yesterday. After missing the deadline to leave for the NRC, I decided to go for a 35 mins run.

Superman workout for the core..

Superman workout for the core..

The humidity was as usual high with temperature hovering around 28 degree celcius even at 730 in the morning. The thoughts before the run these days are very erratic. They range from images of you getting drowned in the sweat to you making wierd faces with people giving more wierd looks to those faces. The run with my thoughts was making my frown uglier. I was still regretting not waking at the first bell of the alarm. Usually when you have thoughts like these, which are regretful, of misery, of anger you tend to run fast. That is what happened when I started. But by the end of first km, reality hit me and I slowed down. If I had run in that speed I would not have completed the 35 mins. As soon as the distance increased the sweat rate also increased and by the end of 2nd km, I was sweating like a pig. Just after finishing my 3rd km I decided not to take my usual path and instead went a different way. This way leads to the main road where the traffic is more intense that what it is on my usual path. The fun here is the look of surprise and bewilderment on the looks of people waiting for their daily commute. Some look at you with admiration, some look at you with disgust, some look at you with envy ( how can this guy run at this hour, when I am on my way to office) and some look with their eyes wide open. Whichever the look, it brings you a smile on your face. After running on the road for a km, i decided to take a turn back into the locality where the traffic is less and the trees cover the road. This brings a really relief to the run. After I finished the run, i was still feeling bad about not making to the Nike Run Club. So After I did my post run stretches, I decided to do the core strength exercise. These are the same exercises which I do at the Nike run club. I did not remember all the workouts, but the main ones for the core I was able to do. A long nice chat with the wife ended a not so good start to the day, to a perfect end to the workout.

30-45-35 strategy.

If you are running in summer in hot and humid conditions like the ones we have here in Mumbai, India, it is always a good option to devise a strategy. Apart from devising a strategy, the more important thing is to stick to that strategy. It’s summer here. The temperature ranges anywhere from 30 degree celcius to 25 degree celcius early in the morning. The day is also very long. The daylight stays for more than 12 hrs adding to the discomfort. By the time I leave home in the morning to go running, it is quite bright. The best way to make sure that you don’t overexert yourself and injure is to make a plan. So to make sure nothing like this happens I have devised a strategy and would stick to it.

Strategy # 1 To run based in time and not the distance. This is an idea which was told to me by my coach, when I asked him what should be my strategy to run in the summer. He said when you run in hot and humid weather, make sure you base you run on the time and not the distance. Don’t fall prey to completing the distance. Just make sure the you finish the time which you had decided. This will help in two ways. First you will have a goal and second you wont overexert yourself. When you are running based on distance you know that if you run fast you will finish the distance in a short time but if you run based time and not worry about the distance, you will run at your comfortable pace. This is because you know that how much every fast or slow you run, the time is not going to change. It is more psychological than physical. Personally this has really helped me. It has also helped me in building my stamina as I am able to run a specific distance in a specific amount of time.

Take 2 days complete off from running in a Week It is always a good option to take breaks when you are running. We should always keep in the back of the mind that we are recreational runner and not a competitive. We run around 35-50 kms a week which is less than half of what the competitve runners run. Apart from running too we have many things to do like job, family and all. To make sure we maintain a balance between family life and running life it is necessary to take atleast 2 days off running. This should be your secondary reason. The primary one should be that as a recreational runner you need to take enough rest to rejuvenate yourself physically as well as mentally. Just dont go running on these two predesignated days and enjoy the morning as it is.

My Strategy of 30-45-35 This is the strategy I have adopted in running in summer. After the day I have taken break I run a 30 mins tempo. I make sure I complete more than 5 kms in 30 mins. This is the day when my legs have taken a rest for the day and the excitement to finish the run. The time is not much so you can afford to loosen up your legs a bit and take a longer stride. The next day I do a normal paced run of 45 mins. Here I am not much concerned about the distance and just concentrate on finishing the run in 45 mins. I manage to finish somewhere between 7 km and 7.5 km. In today’s run I ran 7.2 kms in 45 mins. Overall it was very satisfying. The next day is a slight taper from the previous day. I run 35 mins in a pace which was slightly more than 45 mins run pace. This will help in giving you legs little relaxation from 45 mins run. The next day would be a rest day and you would start back with a 30 mins run after the rest day.

Relaxing after a 45 mins run

Relaxing after a 45 mins run

As a famous dialogue from the show “The Wonder Years”, which is “Things never happen the way you plan them”. There are days when you dont follow the plan. But as soon as you come out of your reason/excuse just continue with wherever you left and you will be fine. That’s the beauty of running.